The USAASC Section 852 Content Management System has been developed to facilitate your Army Command's (ACOM's) submission of Section 852 Program Request Forms (PRFs) for all Section 852 requirements, to include emerging requirements, also known as Unfunded Requirements (UFRs).

Please ensure only your ACOM's designated Section 852 representative is provided access to this system, using the secure UserId/Password provided under separate cover, as same constitutes Commander's endorsement of the submission. Only complete PRFs will be accepted. Resulting, certain fields will be prefilled, based on your User/ID. Other fields will require selection from a prescribed look up table (i.e. Line Item selection, Catalog selection). Other fields will require you to enter free text to include General Description, Milestones, Metrics and Funding Resources sought.

System generated emails will confirm receipt of your ACOM's completed PRF submission and any/all updates that are made. If you have any questions relative to the Army's Section 852 efforts or the utilization of the USAASC Section 852 Content Management System, please refer to the Section 852 Operating Guide, the User's Manual supplied with your UserId/Password or you may contact Ms. Jael Latham, COM: 703-805-3617, Email:

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